Scalable Robotics For Your Intra-Logistics Demands

Creating business impact at the convergence of perception and motion


Tractonomy develops mobile autonomous systems for production and intra-logistics applications.

We blend user-research and our robotics R&D expertise with an appreciation for business challenges to create real-world industrial solutions.

Maximizing your capacity in the fast evolving space of autonomous systems


Strategic Research

Tractonomy executes contract R&D to research and match state-of-the-art robotics systems and methods to your process requirements. Our strategic design services helps you make educated investments that accelerate your ROI and lower risk for your business.


We rapid prototype robotic systems combining 3D sensors and batteries to high performance motion controllers and embedded compute nodes. Tractonomy can make low-volume systems in short times through our supplier network in Europe and Asia.

Machine Intelligence

We build perception, navigation and manipulation stacks for mobile robots.  We want your applications to benefit from the latest in open source robotics ranging from standalone and distributed systems to machine learning on 3D and spatial data.

Workshops and MasterClasses

Tractonomy offers interactive workshops on robotics and AI to share our knowledge for all ages. We support both local social and professional community building through robotics education. Talk to us about running a workshop with you.

Practical solutions driven by real-world problems




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We are located at HangarK in Kortrijk